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I never thought there would be any hope for my dog once he started biting people. All of this changed once I started working with Redemption Dog Training.  They spent a lot of time with me and my dog to get him where we hoped for him to be.  This saved my dog’s life, I didn’t have to put him down.  I am very impressed and grateful for the care and services we received from this place!

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Haylie & Adam

We have been to 4 different trainers and no one compares to Jasmine. She has been amazing with my dogs and also with helping me understand why and what she is doing with them. She is very knowledgeable and seems to always be learning more. If she doesn’t have an answer she will go find it. When you sign up for her training she will be dedicated to you and your dog. I will always trust Jasmine with dogs! My dogs have problems with leash walking, reactivity towards people, dogsand objects. And we have worked through alot of these issues. One thing I really like about Jasmine is that if she has suggested a certain tool or approach she isn’t afraid to change it up if it isn’t working. I’ve learned that every dog is different in how they learn, just like humans, and we need to be adaptable and sensitive to that. Thank you Jasmine for being amazing with my fur babies. We all love you!!

JasmineHaylie & Adam
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What makes Jasmine really stand out over any other dog trainer I have met, is that she takes the time to not just train my dog but also teach me what she’s doing and how to continue doing it. She’s so passionate about what she does. She’s very personable and understanding. If you’re looking for your dog’s best investment she’s your solution.

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Kenzie & Justin

Jasmine has been working with our 2 pitbulls and my boyfriend and I for a few months now. I cannot thank her enough for helping us improve our relationships with our dogs! Marley is almost 2 and we adopted her a few weeks before we asked for Jasmines help. Marley was suffering from severe anxiety and was constantly peeing in the house each time she would get scared or overwhelmed. She also was very codependent on our other dog Maleah and even jumped from our 3rd story balcony because Maleah was down below! After this incident I knew it was time to ask for help. Jasmine is so patient and kind and really connects with the animals to find out the underlying reasons for their behavior. She has taught me so much about my dogs in such a short amount of time. The biggest thing for me was gaining a deeper connection with my dogs so that I can see their needs and implement the training Jasmine has taught me. I have learned to trust Marley and been able to allow her to grow rather than always waiting for her to react, pee, bark, react ect. This has been so big for our family and has allowed us to provide proper structure and care for our shelter pup to where we can deal with and help her correct her behaviors. I honestly don’t know what we would have had to do without Jasmines help! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


JasmineKenzie & Justin
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Seriously, Redemption Dog Training is the best. She has made my first puppy experience so great. Chewi is thriving in the training she has taught me. My relationship with Chewi is so rewarding for the both of us. and she is great for doggy daycare in addition to her training program! She’ll treat your dog very well and make them comfortable and calm. I am posting this on my own accord just because I’m so grateful for the service she has provided for us. Thank you!

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Jasmine is really knowledgeable and confident and the dogs know it. She got my chihuahua to stop running to the door and barking when visitors come (which he has done for years) in just a few minutes.

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