E-collar Training, 3 sessions for $550. (Price includes $200 E-Collar)

We use an e-collar that is the same technology as a 10’s unit. We use only the highest quality because we use e-collars in a way that is strictly designed to get your dogs attention off leash. The remote training collar is NOT a “shock collar,” it is used to give off a very gentle stimulation or vibration. Most the time the gentle stem is less intense for a dog than the vibrate function. The E-collar we use has no lag, it’s completely waterproof, has the range of a half mile, lifetime warranty, and is rechargeable. We make sure your dog has a very good understanding of what the E-Collar means and where it’s coming from. This way you can walk your dog off leash confidently anywhere you go.

JasmineOff Leash Reliability Training