Adult Training.

We work with ALL breeds of dogs, and with ALL issues. Our specialty is eliminating negative behavior issues; and we teach your dog all the basics. It is our goal to teach you what your dog’s body language means & what they are trying to communicate to you. We will teach you gentle, yet assertive communication techniques. You will learn to be very aware of your own body language and attitudes with your dog, because THAT is what your dog really listens to!  You may just find that this personal awareness benefits other areas of your life as well (no extra charge ;-)).  Through our training, you and your dog will develop a mutually respectful and beneficial relationship. We offer in-home training, or on-site training. While your dog is here they will learn how to socially interact appropriately with other dog sizes and breeds (whether small or large).

We offer FREE weekly group classes to all clients. As a client, you are encouraged to continue to bring your dog to these free training groups for the lifetime of your dog.  This way your dog can continue to progress! These classes also provide an excellent opportunity for us to help you with any questions or follow-up you may need. We are SO passionate, and truly invested in your success!   Presently, we also offer unlimited phone support, even after completing your training.

All sessions are personalized and designed specifically for you and your dog’s unique needs. We do not want to create dependence; our aim is to help you become independent and confident in your canine relationship–enough to handle any future issue that may arise!

Let us help you create the healthiest relationship between you and your dog; after all, they are a member of your family!

PRICING: (In-home training)

  • Individual sessions are $110.
  • 3 sessions: $295 (sessions are typically 1 week apart).
  • 5 sessions: $495 (sessions are typically 1 week apart).

(Travel fee may apply, see bottom of page)


  • First, we’ll address behavior issues like anxiety, aggression, fear, etc.
  • Walking cooperatively, easily on the leash.
  • Learn basic commands.
  • Best way to address biting or nipping.
  • Proper ways for greeting people.
  • Crate Training.
  • Proper canine Nutrition.
  • How to recognize and quickly address early signs of aggression.
  • Learning your dog’s psychology.
  • Leash Reactivity
  • Impulse control and MUCH MORE….

All sessions last about 2-3 hours.

How to prepare for in-home training. Please do not exercise your dog that day other than a light morning walk if we have a later session. We only do training Monday-Friday, so keep that in mind when scheduling. When we arrive at your home your dog must be on a STURDY leash or preferably in the crate. This is for our safety, even if you have a small fluffy puppy we bring in some very valuable equipment. Like a laptop, we don’t want to drop by accident. The first hour will be spent going over paperwork and the training program. We find the session will go much smoother if they are in the crate during that time, so their energy is spent on the actual training.

Travel Fee: $5 and up. Travel is included if you live or wish to train within 15 miles of me (use Fort Utah Park 200 N 2050 W Geneva Rd, Provo, UT 84601, as a reference to estimate). Unfortunately, due to high travel costs, I’ve had to add a travel fee of $5 for sessions 16-20 miles away. Add an additional $5 per session for each 5 mile increment after that. If you’d like to reduce or eliminate this fee, you are welcome to come to me or meet me at a local park. (Fee can be adjusted.)