What is Redemption Dog School?

We are behavioral canine specialists.  This means that we focus on strengthening, rebuilding, or establishing the relationship you have with man’s best friend.  Our focus is primarily the behavior and psychology of your beloved pet.  We help the animal feel comfortable and confident in common situations.  There are a variety of ways we do this, but it certainly takes a skilled specialist to get it right.

Behavioral therapy is the same as dog training, right?

No, these are completely different disciplines.  Dog training is based around rote conditioning and getting the animal to perform in a certain manner.  Behavior training takes things to a completely different level where our primary focus is primarily the psychology and emotion that may be causing the problem between you and your pet.  Basically, behavior training gets to the deepest roots of the problem and helps re-establish the connection you once had or want to have.

What breeds of dogs do you work with?

We will work with any breed of dog at any age.

Where does the training take place?  What area do you serve?

Currently, Redemption Dog School serves the Utah area.  


Jasmine Purkey – Owner & Trainer

Jasmine started working with dogs at the West Valley Animal Shelter and the Humane Society at a young age. She saw all the dogs who had been left behind or surrendered because of their behavioral issues. Like any animal lover, Jasmine wanted to do her best to help find homes for these dogs. That’s where she began her training journey and started to foster different dogs. After some time she got her dog Krystal a collie. Krystal had pretty severe anxiety as a puppy, and because of that had been attacked three different times in her first year of life. Jasmine knew she had to do something about it, and that’s when she got her education from a behavioral trainer. Jasmine has been to many different workshops and has received her behavioral rehabilitation and training certification. Jasmine was able to find her calling in this line of work because she had always wanted to help people and animals. Behavioral therapy has been a perfect combination of the two. She loves helping people create deep, meaningful, and positive relationships with their dogs. Behavioral training is an incredible way to help people emotionally in order to help their dogs and change their relationships. Jasmine is constantly attending different workshops and continuing her education in dog psychology.

Krystal – Redemption Dog Training Dog

Krystal is a very sweet, high-energy, exuberant personality. Krystal is a great demo dog and helps shy or insecure dogs who come over. She is also very accepting of dogs who like their space and just want to hang out or need more time getting used to dogs. Krystal used to be highly reactive and is a great example of what diligent training can give you. Krystal is not used very often in class now that she is getting older, so you may not see her as often as our other dogs.

Henry – Redemption Dog Training Dog

Henry is extremely calm and very well socialized. Henry is amazing with dogs who have aggression, hyperactivity, and puppies who need to learn some manners. Henry is a very stable low energy dog who is helpful with all different personalities. He is great at reading dogs and knowing what they need when they need it.

RIP – 2018-2020

Enzo – Redemption Dog Training Dog

Enzo was a rescue from Wasatch Animal Rescue and was saved from a puppy mill in Missouri. When we got this little guy he was VERY sick and it took a while to get him healthy.  Jasmine got Enzoe as a way to add a more energetic member to the pack for the younger dogs we work with. Enzo very sadly passed away March of 2020, he was hit by a speeding car in the mountains. It was an earth-shattering experience and we will always celebrate his memory. In the two year, we had him he changed many dogs’ lives and was an amazing ambassador for the very sassy stubborn Husky breed. We loved this boy very much and he is missed every day.

Dracarys – Redemption Dog Training Dog

This is our newest addition Dracarys the Borzoi. He is absolutely amazing with all people and gives the best hugs. He loves puppies, though can be dog selective as he’s a pain sensitive breed. Drac is our therapy dog and thrives off giving love and affection to others. We absolutely love this handsome very large and rare breed. 

Certifications and Education

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